Wild Place Project
Campaign to stand above the rest

After a hugely successful fundraising campaign in 2014, we’ve delivered a series of stand-out advertisements promoting the arrival of Gerry Giraffe and his friends to the Wild Place Project.

From buses to billboards, lamp posts to leaderboards, Gerry and his cheeky grin have adorned the length and breadth of the M5 corridor this summer.

With humour at the heart of a simple but effective campaign we have had a real laugh with the team at Wild Place Project, whose serious conservation work in Africa is truly pioneering.

“Wild Place Project is a growing visitor attraction with unique creative opportunities. When the task of launching and promoting our new £1.1m Giraffe house was given to Peloton, their resulting campaign was both engaging & visually impactful. They delivered above-budget results and forged excellent campaign awareness in a competitive tourism market”

Paul Pritchard, Bristol Zoological Society

Head to wildplace.org to see Gerry and his friends and learn more about the great work the team are doing both at home and in Africa.

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