Virgin Sport
Hackney Festival of Fitness

We’ve just finished working with the Virgin Sport team to bring their first ever ‘Festival of Fitness‘ to life, in the buzzing borough of Hackney.

We worked with the team to design everything from the side of a London Bus, half marathon route maps, race day signage, runners’ bibs, festival brochures and big screen graphics that show when the jelly babies are dished out.

It’s been a fast-paced, action-packed couple of months, and we’ve loved every minute.

Virgin Sport was set up by Sir Richard Branson to build a movement that combines the sweat of sport with the swagger of Virgin. The ‘Festival of Fitness’ concept is relatively new to the UK, but has been growing exponentially across the water in the US.

We worked with the Virgin Sport team to express their brand new brand throughout the race, and to keep their identity as consistent and expressive as possible.

The festival was a great success with thousands of people “racing, cheering, dancing, laughing, stretching and doing yoga, throwing back some pints, making flower crowns and high-five-ing strangers.

Look out over the next few months for the next festival in Westminster


All photos ©Sprint Step

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