Ride A to B with Merida
Every cyclist, every ride

We were very pleased to have been given the opportunity to create a film with Merida UK. Often seen as a highly technical brand at the cutting edge of bike technology, Merida has many dedicated customers. The task of introducing Merida as an aspirational brand became a very interesting problem to solve.

Developed in collaboration with the team at Hello Charlie (HC), the idea was born from an event that ‘aspiring cyclists’ within HC and Peloton were intending to do a few years ago. We wanted to ride Lands End to John O’Groats (LeJoG).

As with many adventures family life and business got in the way. Something that will no doubt resonate – getting fit and finding time is hard. However, having equipment that is reliable and ready to go, is more achievable.

The ‘Merida Ride Disc’ or ‘Ride 5000’ suited our situation perfectly; brilliant in poor weather, comfortable for legs with less miles in them than needed and superior braking.

By combining the needs of the everyday cyclists, the ‘Merida Ride’ range can get you further than you ever thought possible – The Ultimate Cycling Partner.

Over three days riding from Bangor to Bristol – we set some key aims, putting the Ride Disc and 5000 through their paces. 1) Review and compare the models for people interested in the Ride range. 2) Showcase the bikes for every cyclist in every condition. 3) Create a wonderfully shot promotional film that inspires

The final two edits of  3 – 5 minute film shows the story of ordinary people achieving extraordinary goals – thanks to the Merida Bikes. Our heroes ‘Merida Ride Disc’ and ‘Ride 5000’ cross the final bridge under blue skies at the end of a spectacular journey. Emotive, scenic and stylish, yet real.

The journey intends to inspire others to take to up the challenge with their Merida bikes, no matter the weather, terrain or levels of fitness!

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