Out with the old, in with the new
Clients help ring the changes with new studio

We’ve seen a lot of things evolve over the past ten years. The Peloton team, our working processes and the portfolios of our clients. It seemed fitting to mark this landmark year in our company story with an office revamp. And what better way than with the expert guidance of those who know us and know how.


The talented people at Exploration Architecture, who we helped brand five years ago, planned and redesigned our working space here at the Paintworks. While Reynolds Collcutt, a skilled joinery firm with whom we’ve worked since 2013, took care of the project management, manufacture and installation.

Gone are the days when the tools of the graphic designer were limited to a sketchbook, mac and cutting mat. Strategy workshops, focus groups and company brand reviews mean that space is used differently. Exploration and Reynolds Collcutt really appreciate that.

Floating tables and ergonomically designed seating areas mean we now have a studio that is stylistically contemporary and fit for purpose.

That’s what you get from collaborating with the best.

Peter Thompson, Owner Director

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