NHS Think ABC Campaign
Reducing pressure on A&E services across the South West region

Research was the bedrock of our ‘Think ABC Before A&E’ campaign, through which three Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) – North Bristol, South Gloucester and University Hospitals Bristol NHS Trust (covering Bristol) – needed to reduce the pressure on A&E services and raise awareness about alternatives.

Working under intense time pressures, while contending with the different needs of multiple sets of people who were also under pressure to deliver results, required a great degree of focus, sensitivity and project management.

The campaign was pushed out on posters, bus literature, door to door leaflets, radio jingles, newspaper advertising and social media – every medium through which the NHS’ audience could be reached.

The findings proved the value of our methods – there was a 48% decrease in A&E and a 49% increase in alternatives. A hugely positive outcome in a very short period of the campaign being launched.

“Success in both cases was largely down to the time, resources and energy we were able to invest in focus groups. We were able to identify the information people would find most useful, and then test our initial concepts. It’s incredibly insightful seeing how people react to what we create.”

Karen Bird, Director and Studio Manager, Peloton

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