L’Équipe des artistes
Our Director pins on a number and rides a bike in anger

Ideas flow after a few beers, some good, some bad, the later in this instance.

Watching the Sponsor Relay Race in last years Bristol Grand Prix an idea was hatched to race as a team of, media and creative types in 2016 edition. L’Équipe des artistes was coined by the race organiser and a team taped and glued together. In the end the team was made up from almost any profession. No plans were put in place, I mean how hard can it be. The answer it turned out was. Very!

We’re fortunate enough to be around the pro cycling scene a lot and it does encourage you to ride a bike. It is also great to support a local bike event. It was hard but everyone ended up with a smile on their face.

However, it is always better to remember to stick to the day job.

Peter Thompson, Owner Director

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