Jersey Designs
No easy ride

There are many pleasures that come with this job. Seeing a professional cyclist fly by at 70kph wearing a jersey that you spent months perfecting is definitely one of them, especially if cycling is your passion. It obviously doesn’t eclipse the glory of the athlete in the shirt but it comes close – it’s a cheap vicarious thrill of sorts.


Jerseys are a travelling human billboard, so there’s a lot riding on them, if you’ll excuse the unavoidable pun. They need to stand out from a crowd of hundreds of other jerseys, they have to be memorable, eye-catching and faithful to the team they represent. It needs to work on live television broadcasts, for crowds on the scene and press photographers.

There are legions of fans who buy jerseys in the same way they do football shirts. If a jersey looks awful, even if the loyal fan is following a team, it won’t sell. Of course it helps when it’s a famous brand but when the elements of that brand aren’t quite doing the job they should, or when there are multiple logos that need to go on a single jersey, the hard work really begins.

We’ve designed more jerseys than I can remember and each one has had a very distinct challenge. But whether it’s for professional cyclists or a charity bike ride, it’s just as demanding and just as enjoyable.

We’ve been lucky enough to see a lot of our designs sell out – that’s a pretty major win-win in my book.

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