How are you seen by others
Research makes all the difference

It’ll come as no surprise to anyone involved in business that it takes careful planning and hard work to generate results. The same is true of creative development. To build a brand, a design concept or a creative brief requires a thorough, integrated approach from the very outset.

That’s where People Tree Research (PTR) come in. With international expertise across government, corporate and not-for-profit sectors, PTR are an agency who have successfully guided many businesses through strategic reviews and smaller scale evaluations.

From our perspective, and crucially for our clients, they provide invaluable insights into how a business works from the inside, and how it is perceived from the outside – all of which is crucial in ensuring we create a brand that will effectively reach the right people in the most meaningful way.

The research and focus groups run by PTR on behalf of our clients not only help businesses to target their own marketing more effectively, they refine the design brief that we subsequently work on, and guide our creative development.

Focus groups are especially important, often opening up new ideas and conversations that can take a project in new and exciting directions.

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