Filming Fenwick’s
Behind the scenes at our Fenwick’s film shoot

Alongside our rebrand for Fenwick’s we were commissioned to produce a short advert and a series of ‘How-to-use’ videos to help their customers get the best from the products.

We packed up the Peloton wagon and headed to Mid-Wales for a week of filming.

The only consistent part of the trip was the freezing temperature. However, for once, we were grateful for the rain, sleet and snow that came by the bucketful. Not only did it help to demonstrate all the fantastic Fenwick’s cleaning and maintenance products which were put through their paces, it also combined perfectly with the spectacular Elan Valley scenery.

Throughout the research stage of our rebrand for Fenwick’s we learnt that cyclists want to ride no matter the conditions, enjoying the terrain and pushing themselves to the limits, not fixing a chain or have slipping gears.

This is where Fenwick’s products work so well. Epic days out in the saddle will deteriorate a bike’s components. Using the right lube, grease and cleaners will help to prevent issues at critical times. Leaving you to enjoy the bike ride.

Riding and enjoying a perfectly running bike to explore, commute or race is the driving force behind the Fenwick’s brand. So we put the Fenwick’s crew, and the teams they sponsor, out in the environment they love. Or to quote Jonathon Smith, Director of Fenwick’s “Great, a chance to do some REAL mountain biking, off the beaten track, in the wilderness”.

Our briefing was simple “Have a great bike ride, do what you enjoy and we will film you doing it”. This demonstrated perfectly how the products work protecting your kit, under all conditions.

As we discovered: Great rides (really do) start and end with Fenwick’s.

Film and edit David Thompson

Photography Nick Smith @inckaa

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