Engineering Cycling Gold
Summer Science Exhibition

Each year, the prestigious Royal Society hosts their Summer Science Exhibition. In 2017, for the third time, we worked with the University of Bristol to create their exhibition piece: ‘Engineering Cycling Gold’.

Through their research and expertise, the Bristol engineers had created an extremely efficient track bike for Team GB, which went on to deliver gold at the Rio Olympics.

It was our job to help create an exhibition piece to showcase the science behind the achievement. From initial designs, right through to setup we worked closely with Stuart Burgess and Ben Alexander to deliver a popular, showcase exhibit.

The centrepiece was the Olympic bike, so we collaborated with T.H.Collective to produce a site-specific plinth. A bespoke, clear acrylic surround was designed and built with a dual purpose: to protect the bike and convey the aerodynamic shape of the rider.

The graphics around the Olympic bike were designed to be clear and communicative, carefully conveying the technical aspects in an understandable way.

To discover more about the Olympic bike transmission, check out this video.

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