University of Bristol
Guidelines reinforce a strong global reputation

Nowhere is identity more important than in a complex, competitive environment where you need to stand out from the crowd. As a world leading institute in global education, the University of Bristol needed to present its credentials with outstanding sophistication and style.

Our partnership with the university dates back to 2004 when we started designing their prospectuses. Ever since, we’ve seen the institute grow in ways that fast forward ten years, needed to be reviewed so as to maintain its distinctive character.

Working with the communications team, as well as representatives from faculties and administration teams, we helped the University refine its key messages and tailor them to its different target audiences.

“Our work with the University has always been a partnership, which proved beneficial when it came to delivering what they needed with this branding refresh. We needed to give them a flexible canvas on which people from different parts of the organisation could work.”

Karen Bird, Director, Peloton

The end result was a set of identity guidelines that successfully enabled people to communicate consistently and confidently – through words, colours, graphics and photography. The guidelines provided a creative and functional steer for anyone tasked with creating anything from posters to presentations, business cards to letterheads, leaflets to adverts.

As well as developing comprehensive guidelines, we acted as ‘guardians of the brand’, instructing other design agencies as well as university staff in how to implement them.

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