Making play work harder

How do you create a professional image that shows you’re conscientious and fun, as well as knowledgeable and business-minded? That was the challenge facing TouchWood Enterprises, a Bristol company for whom work and play are inextricably linked.

As experts in creating beautifully designed play structures, TouchWood wanted to reach more communities and clients where they could lend their enthusiasm and expertise. They knew exactly what they had to give, they just didn’t know how to present it, and their website was letting them down.

“From the moment we first met the guys down at the woodyard in Bower Ashton we knew this was going to be an exciting project. Joe and the team are incredibly energising and doing brilliant things with play structures. All the raw materials were there, they just needed our help to bring some structure to their brand, and get their customers as excited about what they were doing as we were.”

Gray Buchanan, Senior Designer, Peloton

Our team of designers worked with TouchWood’s band of “creative inventors” to really focus on the core elements of their professional personality.

The smoothness of the collaborative process was testament to the value of having clear goals – in just four months, we were able to come up with a new website that highlighted their credibility, while preserving their unique creative kudos.

A prime example of how style and substance can work in perfect harmony.

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