An inspired take on communication

Understanding what motivates our clients is a fundamental part of helping them to embrace the process of creating a winning identity. This was especially true for Smartbox, a family-run business known equally for their personable style and their innovative products.

The importance of highlighting the human touch was vital given the nature of the company’s work – enabling people with disabilities to communicate via assistive technology.

This was clearly evident in how Smartbox explained their work to us, but not so much from their website, which meant potential customers were missing a crucial part of the Smartbox pitch.

An impending new product launch set the deadline and after a series of workshops, a photo shoot, design presentations and discussions around semantics, we were able to develop a new website and logo as part of an all-encompassing brand strategy.

That strategy strengthened Smartbox’s narrative in numerous ways, especially as it incorporated the retail arm of the business with the customer service arm – previously, the two had worked independently. Now, they worked more efficiently as one.

“We have received nothing but positive feedback from staff and the people who use our products. Having met us you know what a particular bunch we are, so for everyone to feel such ownership over our new brand and website is a testament to the process and attention to detail you applied to our project.”

Hannah Church, Head of Marketing, Smartbox

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