Changing the approach to healthcare

Trust and accountability are the bedrock of the NHS, qualities that Oxford’s new health federation was keen to retain in a restructuring move that had major implications for its public and professional image.

Part of a new wave of NHS federations, OxFed was set up to unite all 22 GP practices in Oxford City to improve the way primary care is delivered for the benefit of patients and healthcare practitioners.

From the outset the project was complex and needed to reach multiple audiences. We took the opportunity to do a broader review of existing brand and strategy within the healthcare sector. The findings were integral to our approach to building a successful brand for OxFed.

Guiding OxFed through the creative process was a valuable education for all – we encouraged them to question their basic principles by examining their language and tone, while we worked out how to reflect this in an overarching brand strategy.

The result was a comprehensive toolkit that equipped everyone within OxFed to speak with a unified voice that conveyed professionalism, care and credibility through every channel – from their new website and logo, to templates for professional correspondence and a set of guidelines to keep them focused.

“They already had their proposition. We were able to help them augment that into a concise service overview. We distilled a lot of their key attributes and combined them into a succinct narrative – one that encapsulated their united front as influential advocates for a sustainable NHS.”

Tom Morris, Creative Director

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