Shifting bike cleaning and maintenance up a gear

For over 20 years Fenwick’s have helped cyclists enjoy better rides by creating products that do more than last the distance. Since 1995, they’ve worked passionately at their business but their brand wasn’t working as hard as they were – it was time for a change.

Together with our partners at People Tree Research we conducted focus groups and a thorough marketplace analysis for Fenwick’s, emerging with a refined product range and an identity that’s as versatile as they are.

Our shared enthusiasm for the cycling industry, coupled with an expert strategic approach, gave them the tools they needed to drive the business forward and face the next stage of development with confidence and excitement.


Now customers can expect to find bold, to-the-point descriptions of products, easy-to-follow instructions and a refined colour palette that combines to create a brand that conveys just as much quality as it delivers.

Great rides start and end with Fenwick’s.

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