Caffé Culture
Art direction for 2017 photoshoot

We’ve just completed our 7th consecutive year working with the super talented Jason Ingram on The Caffé Culture Show advertising campaign. Each year we look forward to finding new and exciting coffee houses to fit the clients’ brief, whether buzzing independents or classy multi-site operations. This year we headed down to the newest addition to Bristol’s vibrant food and drink scene, Whapping Wharf.

We were asked to capture both ends of the scale – the buzzing atmosphere of a busy coffee shop, as well as the intimate, candid views of the characters who work there. We were spoilt for choice with our two locations, fantastic interiors met with really passionate and engaging characters. Jason also captured a series of shorts that we edited together as a mood video for the campaign.

Advertising campaign and promotion will be rolling out over the coming months.

With thanks to Little Victories and Mokoko Coffee.

Photography Jason Ingram

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